The Power of Blog Marketing
Campaign objective: Have bloggers that are knowledgeable about online advertising/marketing write about blog advertising. The content is targeted should be targeted at ADVERTISERS not bloggers Bloggers should share their view on blog marketing, i.e.the pros and cons, the potential, the effect it will have on the advertising market, etc. Ideal blogger profile: Bloggers that write about SEM, SEO, PPC, online marketing strategies, online advertising. PLEASE NO "MAKING MONEY ONLINE" BLOGGERS - submissions of that nature will be disputed. You find information on blog marketing on the Snapbomb blog at Some arguments for blog marketing: Online advertisers are looking for new ways to optimize their search marketing campaigns (SEO) and get more clicks and conversions. Google AdWords is the most common online advertising platform but it only does one thing really well: serve up ads. Blog marketing is a new approach to targeted advertising that can offer much more: 1. Longterm clicks - the links are around for as long as the blog is online 2. Visibility via search engines - spiders are quick to crawl blogs and include the content in search results 3. SEO value - lots of links from lots of relevant, valuable blogs translates to better search engine positioning 4. Higher conversion rates - bloggers that are passionate about the product they blog about have an audience that shares the passion 5. Non repetitive ads - every blogger will have a different twist on the campaign keeping the messaging interesting Snapbomb's platform fully automates the blog marketing process: advertisers can create and manage campaigns easily and track the success through the free Buzz Analytics tool. Bloggers can review opportunities and are automatically valued based on a complex algorithm that takes into account variables such as the popularity of the blog and the relevance to the campaign. To measure the effect of blog marketing Snapbomb launched a campaign in mid February to attract bloggers to write about the Snapbomb service. The results after half a month: - 102 sponsored blog posts and an additional 85 that were not sponsored - Google search shows 7,590 hits, Yahoo search shows 24,800 hits - starting from 0 Screen-shots from advertiser accounts are encouraged. MINIMUM WORD COUNT: 200



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